A Happy You,

A Happy World.

Are you ready for that?

It all starts with you deciding to take that first step.

Small, but solid steps result in big transformations.

It's time to thrive and live the life you truly want.

Let’s make it happen.

You're an overachiever who sets high standards for yourself.

You’re smart, kind, and have a big purpose in life.

From the outside, it seems like you have it all.

But it comes with a price.

Δ Are you struggling with high levels of stress and anxiety?

Δ Do you have an endless to-do list that keeps on growing by the day?

Δ Are you getting in your own way by listening to the harsh inner critic?

Δ Do you find yourself putting all your efforts into making others happy but not feeling it yourself?

Δ If any of this struck a chord, you are not alone. 

You might be prioritizing your work and the people in your life over your own mental health and well-being.

It's okay if you do, I understand what you’re going through.

I’ve been there.

Unsatisfied with my life, anxious and stressed out all the time, and living the health consequences of that: killing migraines and gastritis followed by chronic fatigue and burnout.

Yes, I've done that and learned it the hard way.

I know you might even have difficulty asking for help and counting on others.

There is a better way though.

If you are up for it, I’d like to help you take the load off your shoulders and get you where you want.

Imagine yourself in your ideal future

Δ Where are you in the world? Picture that place in your mind and feel it in your body.

Δ You are happier and healthier.

Δ You are more confident in your own skin.

Δ You perform at your best.

Δ You feel supported.

Δ You have more energy for yourself and your loved ones.

Δ You are taking solid steps to achieve your biggest goals.

And whenever you face life’s challenges

(let’s accept it, we all will at some point),

Δ You are mentally and emotionally stronger.

Δ You feel more resilient.  

Δ You are flexible to see things from different angles.

Δ You are more resourceful.

Δ You take action from a place of calm and clarity.

All of this is possible for you.

You just need to take that first step.

When we start working together, you will learn to quiet the inner critic, regulate difficult emotions, love and respect yourself more, and simply be happier and more fulfilled in life. You'll remember what it feels like to be in your true power.

It's time to stop saying yes to spinning your wheels and start saying YES to YOURSELF.

Are you ready for that? I’m ready to help you get there.

Why work with me?

Δ Over 18 years of experience helping clients go through incredible transformations

Δ Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University's American Psychological Association accredited program [so everything I do is based on science]

Δ An Adjunct Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, continuing to develop myself through teaching at the university and conducting research studies on psychological well-being and work-life issues 

Δ Background in working with trauma; an EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing] therapist trained in the United States through the EMDR Institute and a hypnotherapy practitioner trained in the United Kingdom

Δ An Emotionally Focused Couples therapist trained through the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy [Ottawa, Canada]

Δ Believe in changing the world one person at a time, starting from ourselves; a Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute [California, USA] certified trainer on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and leadership skills development program

Δ Certified breathwork trainer [California, USA], which helps me to help my clients release the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm stored in their bodies

Δ On a mission to spread joy; co-author of the book Happiness 2.0 [Elma Publications, in Turkish], which is on evidence-based practices to improve mental and emotional well-being

Above all, I practice what I preach to live a fulfilling life, and I want to help you create the transformation you want for yourself.

I'm here to support you along the way from anxiety to being in your true power.

Let’s start the transformation.


When we start working together, you'll experience a deep shift in your whole life. 


Δ  Our work will provide you with a safe and supportive environment alongside the awareness, knowledge, and skills to transform your relationship with stress and anxiety. You will boost your mental health and well-being to flourish in your personal and professional life.

Δ  While focusing on your strengths, we will transform and let go of what's not serving you anymore such as chronic stress, anxiety, and the heaviness in your chest.

Δ  We will build up your self-trust and powerful habits along the way to help you feel energized and in your true power. You'll remember how it felt like to be truly yourself.


What's included?


Safe and secure online therapy sessions taking place as video calls

Over 10,000 hours of therapy experience and 18+ years of expert knowledge in psychology

Evidence-based guided practices easy to integrate into your daily life


A unique combination of

Psychotherapy + Hypnotherapy + EMDR + Mindfulness-Based Practices to best support you.

Session fee*

For Individual Psychotherapy & EMDR Sessions: $300 (Sessions are 50 minutes)

For Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions: $450 (Sessions are 75 minutes)

For Couples Therapy Sessions: $450 (Sessions are 75 minutes)

*Payments can be made in multiple currencies for the equivalent amount.



Everything is online!

So that it's convenient for you to connect from anywhere in the world.



Would you like to hear from my previous clients?

Δ "Gökçe provided me with the confidence I needed."

Δ "I highly recommend working with Gökçe, especially for those in the technology and financial industries. Before our sessions, I was having a hard time separating my personal and professional relationships in these high-stress fields. However, with Gökçe's help, I was able to better differentiate between my family, friends, and business." 

Δ "I really feel we have accomplished a lot. Now, I will focus on consolidating and moving forward with my new-found energy and enthusiasm. Thanks so much for all you have helped me get through."

Δ "Our work together has enabled me to have clarity in my mind and calmness in my body. My wife and team are recognizing all the differences in me. I am inspiring my team with my vision and guiding them with my skills and passion. I can't thank you enough."

Δ "I feel a lot better now that I can manage anxiety and feel confident to expand my business. I wanted to say thank you for all the work we have done so far. It helped me more than words can tell."

Δ "The transformation I've experienced since working with you seems like a miracle. I used to not be able to get myself out of bed for several days in a row and doubt my competency at work nearly every day. The weight of it all has been lifted."

Δ "I had the opportunity to discover my potential and my values, understand and process my traumas, and learn to believe in, love and care for myself."

Δ "I started to powerfully express myself again and make decisions by valuing myself."

Δ "I can cope with my problems now. You’ve helped me overcome the most difficult days of my life."

Δ "Starting from our very first session with Gökçe, I asked myself, ‘How in the world did I get by for so long without such a supportive professional by my side?’."

Δ "You don’t need to have major problems to benefit from Gökçe’s expertise. She is an expert in the areas of personal development and mental health."

Δ "Through our process together, my perception of my body, my communication skills, the love and respect I have for myself, my perspective on life and other people have completely changed and developed."

Δ "I always felt that I was enlightened after each session. She gave me back my lost self."

Δ "I learned that I didn’t always have to take radical and huge steps to give direction to my life; I saw that one could come a long way by taking small steps as well."

Δ "When I think about my future with all its uncertainty, I don’t worry anymore. I think to myself ‘Let’s see what surprises life has for me,’ and my enthusiasm and excitement for life increases each day."

Δ "You’ve helped me overcome the most difficult days of my life. I now take steps to fulfill my future goals and do things that I wanted to do for years."

Δ "My sessions with Gökçe brought a whole new perspective to my life. I now not only live, but I feel life with each breath I take."

Δ "The turning point of my life was the day that I started working with Gökçe. My outlook on life has changed, I learned to cope with my traumas, and most importantly, I learned to love myself."


I know you might be thinking that you're too far from feeling in your power. I'm here to tell you that small steps will get you there faster than no step at all.

You can go from feeling overwhelmed with life to feeling confident and getting fueled by the joy of living your life.

It breaks my heart to see thoughtful and kind leaders suffering when a little shift can bring about their immense potential.

This could be you. I can facilitate that shift.

Would you like to bring back a gentle, childlike joy to life that sometimes gets lost in an often complicated and demanding world?

I’d be happy to guide you in this transformative journey in the direction that you want to go and empower you to stay on track.

Whatever it is that you want for yourself when it comes to your goals and dreams, I’m here to support you with my whole being.

Let’s make it happen!

Send me a message using the button below to take the first step in your transformation.

After receiving your message, I will send you information regarding the next best steps for you.

Looking forward to connecting!


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