A Happy You,
a Happy World.

Are you ready for that?

Change, starts with you deciding to take that first step.

Small but solid steps result in big transformations.

You know that thing you’ve dreamed about for years? Let’s make it happen.

You're an overachiever who sets really high standards for yourself. You’re the kind of person who moves the world. But it comes with a price.

Δ Do you believe that your success comes with a personal or emotional cost?

Δ Feeling stuck either in a relationship, job or business?

Δ Struggling to fit into a highly overwhelming world?

Δ Working too much and still feeling like you are not good enough?

Δ Putting all your efforts to make others happy but not feeling it yourself?

Δ Holding on to your emotions only to find yourself eating snacks late at night or drinking to forget and blaming yourself later for that tight jeans or beer belly?

You might be prioritizing your work or the people in your life over your own wellbeing.

It's okay if you do, I understand what you’re going through.

I’ve been there.

Unsatisfied with my life, anxious and stressed out all the time, and living the health consequences of that: killing migraines and gastritis followed by prediabetes and chronic fatigue.

Yes, I've done that and learned it the hard way.

I know you might even be disbelieving in love or not able to count on others.

There is a better way though.

If you are up for it, I’d like to help you take the load off your shoulders and get you where you want.

Imagine yourself six months from now

Δ Where are you in the world? Picture that place in your mind and feel it in your body.

Δ You are happier and healthier.

Δ You take better care of yourself.

Δ You are kinder to yourself.

Δ You feel supported. You shine brightly.

Δ You are up to fulfilling your true potential.

And whenever you face life’s challenges

(let’s accept it, we all will),

Δ You are mentally and emotionally stronger.

Δ You feel more resilient.  

Δ You are flexible to see things from different angles.

Δ You are more resourceful.

Δ You know what to do.

Truth be told, all of this is possible for you.

You just need to take that first step.

When we start working together, you will learn to quiet your inner critic, regulate difficult emotions, love and respect yourself more, and simply be happier in life.

It's time to stop saying yes to what keeps you stuck and start saying YES to YOURSELF.

Are you ready for that? I’m ready to help you get there.

Why you can trust Dr. Gökçe Bulgan?

Δ Over 13 years of experience helping clients go through incredible transformations.

Δ Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University's American Psychological Association accredited program (so everything is based on science).

Δ An Associate Professor of Counseling, who continues to develop herself through conducting research and teaching at the university.

Δ Background in trauma work; an EMDR [Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing] therapist trained in the United States through the EMDR Institute, Inc. 

Δ Loves working with relationship issues (either with self or a partner); an Emotionally Focused Couples therapist trained through the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy [ICEEFT].

Δ Believes in changing the world one person at a time through kindness and compassion; a Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute [San Francisco, CA] certified teacher on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and leadership skills development training.

Δ On a mission to spread joy; co-author of the book Happiness 2.0, [Elma Publications, in Turkish] which is about evidence-based wellness practices to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.

Above all, I preach what I do (because I personally know it works) and I want to help you create the transformation you want for yourself.

There are different ways that we could work together.

Let’s find the right path for you through a complimentary consultation call.

Everything is online!

So that you don't have to get into traffic or even tell anyone if you don’t want to. Everything we talk is between us if you’d like to keep it that way.


Would you like to hear from my previous clients?

"Gokce is truly gifted at what she does, she helped me overcome more than I could have imagined. Over the past 4 years I worked with her, I had the opportunity to discover my potential and my values, understand and process my traumas, learn to believe in, love and care for myself. I find Gokce very genuine, especially for the questions she asked and the way she walked me through our therapy sessions. She looks for new ways, does research and enriches her profession at all times, which brings great energy to the sessions. I am very thankful for the work that we did together, and I highly recommend her consultation.”

"After long years of being active in the academia as a counselor, it was a really difficult decision for me to be in the position of the client for the first time. I met Gökçe Bulgan through a referral from a friend that I trust her academic knowledge and connections. Starting from our very first session, Gökçe was the person who made me ask myself ‘How in the world was I able to constantly procrastinate having this professional of a support in my life?’. What inspired me to build this sentence was much more than getting into this process for the first time. It was more about working together with a counselor who truly loved and respected her job, and was able to communicate this to me on a deep level. Our counselor-client relationship that started about 7 months ago has provided me with solid transformation and insight, and is continuing to do so.”

"I am very lucky to have worked with Gökçe Bulgan. She listened to what I’ve shared in the sessions with wholeheartedness and presence of mind. Therefore, always with me was this person who I knew cared about me and would never judge me. This made me feel safe. Through our process together, my perception of my body, my communication skills, the love and respect I have for myself, my perspective on life and other people have completely changed and developed. I highly recommend Gökçe to anyone looking for a counselor. I also would like to thank her for her professionalism.”

"Every human being encounters with some problems in their lives. Sometimes they can’t look and evaluate these in an objective manner, and in order to get out of the complexity they are in, she/he needs a third person whose knowledge and opinions they respect. In this sense, I can say that working with Gökçe has changed my life completely.

I started working with Gökçe Bulgan with my best friend’s advice. Beyond being a guide to me, she reminded me once again that I was better acquainted with myself, that I was more confident in myself, and most importantly, that we could change ourselves but not other people. She enabled me to look at life from a different perspective.

By letting me face my fears and myself, I became a more fearless and self-confident individual. She was always there while I was facing myself, and I have never felt alone in this process. I knew that if I fell mentally, I had a guide to lift me up. While I was asking myself ‘How can I trust people after all?’, Gökçe reminded me of what trust is, with the presence and support of hers.

The best thing was that during the 7 months we worked together, she never tried to impose her opinion on me, she made me question myself with the questions she asked and I developed myself accordingly. I always felt that I was enlightened after every session. In short, she gave back my lost self.

She has always been more than a psychologist for me, she is my guide. Even though we are not working anymore, I know she will be there for me when I need her. I would like to thank her so much for everything. If you are ready to face yourself and live a better life, for sure Gökçe Bulgan will help you.”

"We’ve come a long way in our sessions with Gökçe that continued for a year. She has a genuine and strong presence. I could easily reach her whenever I was in distress. The turning point of my life was the day that I started working with her. My outlook on life has changed, I learned to cope with my traumas, and most importantly, I learned to love myself. I felt stronger and happier after each session, and felt that I was working with the right professional who really understood me. I used to wait for our next session impatiently, because I could see that I had become a happier person who knew herself better day by day. This was strengthening me. Candidly, I am happy to have worked with Gökçe and I would like to thank her very very much.”

"I started working with Gökçe Bulgan at a time that I did not know what I wanted for my life and felt very vulnerable emotionally. I was very hopeless before starting therapy; I used to get so anxious thinking about my future and carried away by negative thoughts. The things I needed to do seemed meaningless and as a huge burden. I wanted to escape, but things got more difficult the more I procrastinated. I learned that I didn’t always have to take radical and huge steps to give direction to my life; I saw that one could come a long way by taking small steps as well. Thanks to Gökçe Bulgan, I’ve come to accept my life with all its ups and downs. Looking at things from where I stand today, I realize that my perspective has changed so much so that I live a completely different life within the same world. I now can live in the flow of my life without panicking about what to do with each problem I face. Most importantly, when I think about my future with all its uncertainty, I don’t worry anymore. I think to myself ‘Let’s see what surprises life has for me,’ and my enthusiasm and excitement for life increases each day.”

Life is not static, and as changes happen, so does the need to rearrange the way you go about it and the thoughts that keep you stuck.

I know you might think you're too far from your dreams. I'm here to tell you that small steps will get you there faster than no step at all.

You can go from feeling dissatisfied with life to feeling stronger and getting fuelled by fiery enthusiasm and passion without losing sense of reality.

It breaks my heart to see people suffering when a little shift can bring about their immense potential.

This could be you. I can facilitate that shift.

“My journey with Gokce helped me to restore myself in a major milestone of my life. Then supported me to be able to grow to live my life in the best possible way. She provided me the confidence I needed to share the things that appeared unspeakable before.”

“Thanks to you, I started to powerfully express myself again and make decisions by valuing myself. I can cope with my problems now. You’ve helped me overcome the most difficult days of my life. I now take steps to fulfill my future goals and do things that I wanted to do for years. Thank you for everything.”

“After the adversities I’ve been through, my sessions with Gökçe Bulgan brought a whole new perspective to my life. I now not only live my life, but I feel it with each breath I take. I would like to thank this magnificent human being, who has helped me value myself and always been by my side through my process of making peace with life.”

“With her professional training and non-compromising discipline and stand, Gökçe Bulgan has supported me in realizing and correctly positioning the keystones of my life. I would like to thank Gökçe very much for turning this counseling process into a journey that I got to know myself better and had become a well-balanced and self-aware individual.”

Would you like to bring back a gentle, childlike innocence to life that sometimes gets lost in an often complicated and demanding world?

I’d be happy to guide you in this transformative journey in the direction that you want to go and make sure that you stay on track.

Whatever it is that you want for yourself when it comes to your own happiness and wellbeing, I’m here to support you with my whole being.

Let’s make it happen!

"Working with you was a major decision I made at a critical phase of my life. At a point where I did not feel well mentally, you helped me make the right decisions for myself and have been a person who significantly contributed to my personal development.

We worked on my declining success line and made it rise little by little; and I, instead of being the person dissatisfied with everything, realized the important things in my life. I would like to thank you for everything.”

"I reached Gökçe Bulgan through the reference of a beloved sister when I moved to İstanbul and started university. My sister did not disappoint my trust in her; we had very useful and delightful sessions with Gökçe for 4 years. You don’t have to have a big problem or a mental disorder, Gökçe is the top in her game when it comes to your personal development and mental health. Coming from a remote part of Anatolia, Gökçe has helped me a lot during my adjustment process to İstanbul’s turmoil, overcoming my individual character problems and many more. I feel very happy to have the chance to express my gratitude to her through this testimonial :)”

Book a 20-minute consultation call with me to get your questions answered and find how to best support your dreams.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask beforehand, just send me an email to [email protected] and I’d be happy to answer.


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