Mindfulness-based well-being helps create healthy workplace ecosystems that enable leaders and teams to perform at their best without burnout.

As a counseling psychologist specializing in evidence-based practices helping cultivate mental and emotional well-being for high-performers, I help leaders and teams achieve healthy performance and make the impact they want through mindfulness-based well-being workshops and customized programs delivered online.

There are different ways that we could work together depending on your team's unique needs and goals.

3 Ways to Work Together:

Mindfulness-Based Interactive Remote Workshops

Workshops are offered on a variety of topics aiming to improve mental health and well-being at work:

 How to Talk about Mental Health at Work

✨ How to Manage Stress at Work

✨ How to Be Mentally and Emotionally Resilient

✨ How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

✨ How to Build Powerful Habits

✨ How to Have Quality Sleep

✨ How to Practice Mindfulness at Work

✨ Weekly Mindfulness & Meditation Online Sessions for Teams

Workshops could be delivered in 60-minute, 90-minute, or half-day formats depending on your company's preference.


Starting from $1250 USD

Well-Being at Work Online Program

All-in-one-place well-being program for your team.

What's included?

✨ An interactive kick-start workshop introducing the program and outlining our process together

✨ Evidence-based digital training modules designed to improve mental health and well-being for leaders and teams

✨ Q & A sessions to support your team along the way

✨ Access to a library of resources including mindfulness & meditation recordings, helpful tips, and reflection questions to help improve your team's personal and professional development 

✨ 6-month access to the training modules and all the resources

Modules include:

✨ Developing Mental Health and Well-Being at Work by Mindfulness

✨ Emotion Regulation in a Fast-Paced World

✨ Developing Mental and Emotional Resilience

✨ Building Powerful Habits

✨ Developing Psychological Safety for Impactful Teams

✨ Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

✨ All of the above and more...


$15,000 USD for up to 100 participants

Search Inside Yourself (SIY): Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Program

The Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Program was originally developed at Google for their employees by leading experts in the field of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience. 

Modules include:

✨ Mindfulness

✨ Self-awareness

✨ Self-management

✨ Motivation

✨ Empathy

✨ Leadership

As a Certified SIY Trainer, I could deliver the program to your team as a keynote, a half-day session, or 6 online interactive sessions with a capstone webinar and access to further resources. I'd be happy to discuss which format your team would benefit the best.


International pricing according to country

Why work with me?

Expert Knowledge + Evidence-Based Practices

All sessions are delivered by myself, Dr. Gökçe Bulgan, Counseling Psychologist & Associate Professor with 18+ years of both theoretical and applied experience in the field of psychology.

  • I received my Ph.D. degree in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University's American Psychological Association accredited program [so everything I do is based on science].
  • I have more than 10,000 hours of experience working with clients in the psychotherapy context [so I know what people struggle with the most when it comes to their mental health and well-being].
  • I continue to stay up-to-date with the latest research findings by studying the literature and conducting research studies on psychological well-being published in peer-reviewed journals.

Search Inside Yourself™

Harness the power of your team at peak performance.

Search Inside Yourself is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and leadership skills development program for high performing and innovative teams interested in mastering personal leadership.

Grounded in the latest neuroscience, the program offers interactive exercises to help develop mental and emotional resilience, enhance creativity and performance, and improve empathetic leadership skills.

Search Inside Yourself Program Can Help Your Team:

Increase focus & attention.

Communicate clearly & work collaboratively.

Manage stress & experience greater well-being.

Develop outstanding leadership.

Unleash creativity & innovative thinking.

Build resilience in the face of challenges.

Develop greater self-awareness & emotion regulation.

The Program is Grounded in:

Emotional Intelligence



How may I support you?

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