Mastering emotional well-being helps create thriving workplaces, where teams perform at their best.

As a counseling psychologist specializing in the mental health and emotional well-being of high-performers, I empower leadership teams to cultivate thriving workplaces through mindfulness-based talks, workshops, and programs.

Why work with me?

Expert Knowledge + Evidence-Based Practices

All sessions are delivered by myself, Dr. Gökçe Bulgan, Counseling Psychologist & Adjunct Associate Professor with 20 years of both theoretical and applied experience in the field of psychology.

  • I received my Ph.D. degree in Counseling Psychology from Purdue University's American Psychological Association accredited program [so everything I do is based on science].
  • I have more than 15,000 hours of experience working with clients in the psychotherapy context [so I know what people struggle with the most when it comes to their mental health and well-being].
  • I continue to stay up-to-date with the latest research findings by conducting research studies on psychological well-being and work-life issues published in peer-reviewed journals. 

"I’m so delighted that I had a chance to learn a lot about mindfulness and emotional intelligence from Gökçe. I really enjoyed having Gökçe as a guest speaker in a company-wide webinar about Finding Balance in Mindfulness. Also, I’ve completed the Search Inside Yourself Program - Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence for Leaders that she led successfully. She created a very open dialogue and a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere for all participants from different practices and backgrounds. She is encouraging, supportive, authentic, and humble. She empowered us to develop leadership and emotional intelligence skills, intensify focus, manage stress, harness creativity, and improve resilience. She is exceptionally experienced in mental and emotional well-being topics and is always willing to share best practices. I highly recommend Gökçe’s trustworthy guidance to everyone who wants to change their perspective and attitude towards well-being and mindfulness at work. She is an outstanding facilitator and such a great professional."

Sevla, VP of People and Culture


"I met Gökçe Bulgan in Febuary 2022, while she facilitated the Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Program. I would like to thank Gökçe for sharing the practices that we can easily adapt to our daily lives, creating a safe and genuine environment and raising the energy of the learning environment with all her warmth and smiling face. I wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone who is in a busy rush, has difficulty in describing their own feelings, wants to experience "being" instead of "doing" for a period of time, and wants to take this training from an expert trainer online from the comfort of their own home."

Seda, HR Manager 


"SIY is a well-designed program to apply mindfulness to work and is a good way to start to know your mind and yourself. I’m a meditation and MBSR Teacher. In this program, I have learned how to apply meditation into daily life and work life practically with short versions. The program was highly instructive and enjoyable with the safe space supported by Gökçe. Gökçe is a smart, kind, competent and compassionate teacher. She listens very carefully and opens space to share. She manages time well. I highly recommend to work with Gökçe."

Işıl, Mindfulness-Based Programs Teacher

3 Ways to Work Together:

Jump-Start Your Team's Well-Being

Interactive online talks and workshops aiming to improve emotional well-being at work are offered on various topics.

Sample Topics:

✨ Strengthening Emotional Well-Being through Mindfulness-Based Practices

 ✨ How to Talk about Mental Health at Work

✨ Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Length of Time:

✨ Talks are up to 60 minutes including time for Q & A.

✨ Workshops are fully customized in terms of content and length to meet the specific needs of your team. 

Contact me below to jump-start a healthy workplace.


Boost Team Well-Being Sustainably

Mindfulness-Based Well-Being at Work: Practices for Productivity & Healthy Performance is a 2-day customized transformational experience designed to help teams integrate powerful science-based well-being practices into their work.

Includes the following:

✨ Interactive online workshops designed to improve workplace mental and emotional well-being.

✨ Workshop topics include Fundamentals for Mental Health & Well-Being at Work, Creating Mindful Workplaces, Emotional Agility, Overcoming Procrastination & Perfectionism, Building on Our Strengths, and Healthy Performance & Sustainable Productivity.

Get in touch through the button below to improve your team's well-being sustainably.


Empower Your Team by Certified Mindfulness-Based Programs

As a certified teacher, I offer SIY Global's science-based programs to teams that are ready to develop vital skills in a fast-paced work environment.

Programs offered:

✨ Adaptive Resilience

✨ Effective Teaming

✨ Search Inside Yourself (SIY): Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence and Leadership [Mindfulness + Self-Awareness + Self-Management + Motivation + Empathy + Leadership]

Message me using the button below to bring SIY Global Certified Programs to your organization.


Participant Testimonials

Anonymous feedback collected from talks, workshops, and programs


  • "Gökçe has great energy. She is kind and welcoming. The sessions went really smoothly. I liked her way of talking and explaining, she's so positive and motivating. The sessions were interesting, personalized, very open, and full of good advice."
  • "The workshop was well conducted and provided helpful strategies. The energy from Gokce was really contaigous - in the best way possible."
  • "Gökçe created a safe environment for us to share. She also gave us valuable insights on how to improve our mental health and develop healthy habits."
  • "The workshop was amazing! The facilitator is experienced, supportive, and very welcoming and somehow I felt very connected to everything that was happening. Everything was on time, super organized, and full of practical information."
  • "The content was very good. Gökçe had a very motivating style and a relatable way of presenting." 
  • "The workshop facilitator is just great in feeling into the group's dynamic and needs. I felt very safe to open and share my thoughts and feelings." 
  • "Gökçe is very positive and brings a lot of energy to the conversation. I've learned a lot."
  • "Gökçe brought practical cases and walked us through them by providing superb feedback. I loved how she combined theory and practice. All my expectations regarding the workshop were fulfilled."
  • "I got all I needed and more than what I expected."
  • "The workshop was very impactful and easy to digest. The facilitator was very well-prepared, focused, professional, and insightful."  
  • "The workshop was very insightful and uplifting. Gökçe was very experienced, competent, open, and encouraging."
  • "The trainer was super positive and I really liked the way she communicated."
  • "I appreciated the competence of the trainer very much. She was very helpful and very ready to share her knowledge and experience."
  • "Gökçe's advice is really useful, her attitude is really positive and comforting. The session was interactive, easy to follow, and very welcoming."
  • "Very engaging and open-minded facilitator of the workshop. Interesting content and topics covered. Suitable length. Empathetic, engaging, and great at moderating."
  • "Very informative session and dynamically conveyed. Positive charisma of the trainer. She also exudes great trustworthiness. I got the feeling of being in a safe space. I felt very comfortable."

  • "Gökçe is very knowledgeable and gave us great insights. She did a fantastic job ensuring we felt comfortable sharing, having everyone participate, and helping us find the solutions ourselves."
  • "The session content is great and Gökçe Bulgan is really amazing. Her way of explaining is really clear and calm. She's very nice, genuine, and has a lot of expertise."
  • "Very good experience overall. Excellent communicator. Showed interest and empathy. Very knowledgeable and experienced in her field."
  • "Gökçe is a great speaker - she is warm, empathetic, motivating, and has good examples. She has a very positive way of dealing with issues. She is very insightful and always has the right examples and words. Just as one wishes from an expert! More offers from her, please!"
  • "The trainer has a super pleasant voice, and seems very professional and experienced; the structure of the session and presentation was superb; makes you want a lot more. She responds to everyone and is extremely reflective, warm, happy, and encouraging; the pace is perfect, and the session is very motivating. Everything was great."
  • "Gökçe was really good and her English was perfect. Easy to listen to and very welcoming. She explained things really clearly and made it enjoyable as well as informative and engaging."
  • "Valuable input, responded to participants' statements and examples, and created a psychologically safe environment so that participants shared personal examples. Gökçe is authentic, very knowledgeable, wise, open, and warm."
  • "Wonderful facilitator - Gökçe Bulgan, welcoming, warm, open atmosphere, up-to-date knowledge. Gökçe is the kindest person on the planet. Period. She creates a safe atmosphere and at the same time, she is more than competent. And her English - like she belongs to the Royal Family! 10/10."
  • "Wonderful atmosphere, and great content quality. The most kindhearted person and a capable specialist in her field. I'll gladly attend another workshop conducted by Gökçe."

Search Inside Yourself™

Harness the power of your team at peak performance.

Search Inside Yourself is a mindfulness-based emotional intelligence and leadership skills development program for high performing and innovative teams interested in mastering personal leadership.

Grounded in the latest neuroscience, the program offers interactive exercises to help develop mental and emotional resilience, enhance creativity and performance, and improve empathetic leadership skills.

Search Inside Yourself Program Can Help Your Team:

Increase focus & attention.

Communicate clearly & work collaboratively.

Manage stress & experience greater well-being.

Develop outstanding leadership.

Unleash creativity & innovative thinking.

Build resilience in the face of challenges.

Develop greater self-awareness & emotion regulation.

The Program is Grounded in:

Emotional Intelligence



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